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the schedule for the week of November19th 2017



This week on RADIOALBA.ORG  
 This week on RADIOALBA.ORG – the 19th November 2017 christian is an ecumenical, internet-based radio which promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches and among people of faith.

This week on RADIOALBA.ORG – the week of 19th November 2017  christian is an ecumenical,  internet-based radio which promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches and among  people of faith.

The morning half-hour is repeated every 30 minutes until noon.

08.00: Morning Prayer daily daily this week is led by Mary Bradley, Stephen Eric Smyth, John Carroll, Gerry Fitzpatrick, Pat Graham SND and Donald MacInnes.

08.15: Morning prayer for school this week is led by John Paul of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary,

with the Mallaig Sprinkling Song sung by Catriona Glen.

08.20: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to next week – when the last of the Matthean Parables is linked with the Beatitudes.

08.24:   a short service for the sick is led by Catherine Walker with a reading by Stephen Eric Smyth.

12.00: The Scottish Catholic Observer draws attention to some contemporary issues.
12.15: a service for the bereaved.
12.30: archive music 18.00: The Scottish Catholic Observer and some contemporary issues.
18.15: a service for the bereaved.

The evening hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00

20.00: Evening Prayer
20.20 Mag: the Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project continues its imaginative program: a  book club; a film club; an ‘Inspire Evening’ , and Lectio Divina;   20-40 network advertises its December trip to the Edinburgh Christmas Market;  Ray Donnelly, The founder of ‘Pause for Hope,’ talks about its purpose and the power of prayer.  From Open House, Clare Fraser gives Michael O’Neil’s rueful reflection on Hurricanes and other Storms; from Justice and Peace, Scotland, Frances Gallagher gives a report on the recent congress on the future of Europe; and the Glasgow Newman announces a session on a new partnership between the lay and the ordained in the Church in Scotland, led by Mary Cullen, on Thursday November 30th at 7.30 pm  in The Ogilvie Centre, St Aloysius Church, Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RE


20.50: Daily Night Prayer

About Radio Alba

banner6 christian is sponsored by Glasgow Churches Together, by the music committee of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, and by ACTS. We welcome contributions gladly and are particularly keen on promoting material from schools as we continue to develop our service to the community.We have already celebrated three years of providing Morning Prayers, School Morning Prayers, Evening and Night Prayers, prayers for those who mourn, prayers for peace, and a steady flow of news from such as the Scottish Catholic Observer, Life and Work, Sciaf, Open House, Flourish, Mary’s Meals, Vocation Justice, Justice and Peace Scotland, the Comboni Mission magazine, the Focolari, The Little Sisters of the Poor, ‘The Light of the North,’ ‘Africa’ Magazine, Medicines sens Frontieres, the Sailor’s Society and many others . . .

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