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gif-schedule-2 Christian – schedule for week of the 22nd of November

0800: Morning Prayer for the week of the 22nd November is led by Joe Docherty. As this Sunday in the Roman Catholic tradition is the Feast of Christ the King, the opening hymn is the Celtic Invocation – Christ be near at either hand – a version of St Patrick’s Breastplate with that characteristic sense of God’s all pervading presence throughout creation, and the psalm chosen is Psalm 23 ‘He is the King of glory. Let him enter in.’

0815: Morning Prayer from schools for the week of 22nd November is from Lochmaddy Primary in North Uist. In Gaelic and English, with Piper, prayers, reading – and a lovely ‘Morning Prayer by Amy McGinnity at the end.

0825: This 30 minute program is repeated until 12.00.
1200: news from the Scottish Catholic Observer: Liz Leydon, Ian Dunne and Gerard Gough delivered the Scottish Catholic Observer news : What about Brother Walfred? Was he a saint? Then what kind of reception can the Syrian refugees find in Scotland? Bishop Hugh Gilbert accompanies a pilgrimage to Monserrat in Catalonia, and Ronnie Convery reminds us about praying for those who minister to us in faith.
1220: a short service for our deceased relatives and friends.
1235:archive music section
1800: news from the Scottish Catholic Observer: Liz Leyden, Ian Dunne and Gerard Gough
1820: a short service for our deceased relatives and friends.
1840: archive music

2000 and 2100: Evening Prayer. It begins with ‘Night Fever’ singing ‘As the deer pants,’ and the Psalm is 24: Lord, your ways are faithfulness, your ways are love.’ Catriona Glen sings from Ephesians 1:4 ‘When we think what’s good and true .’ The Magnificat is to the tune ‘Amazing Grace.’

2022 and 2122 Magazine: This week we begin with a short Service for Paris, led by Fr David Wallace, Chair of Glasgow Churches Together, with music by ‘Night Fever’ and ‘The St MungoSingers.’ The Alastair Dutton, looks forward with hope to the Paris Climate Change Conference, to the Edinburgh Gathering the Weekend before that; also why does SCIAF support the campaign for Climate Change? And some words from Pope Francis on the same topic.
2050 and 2150: Joe Docherty leads us in Night Prayer:

As the day draws to its conclusion, we thank the Lord
That we have seen his grace In the lives of people round about us,
In our families and friends, our colleagues and in the wider community.
We ask for the wisdom to be encouraged by his presence
And for forgiveness for our own sins and failings.

It concludes with: Come to visit us, Lord, this night, so that by your strength we may rise at daybreak to rejoice in the resurrection of Christ your Son, Who lives and reigns for ever and ever

About Radio Alba

banner6 christian is sponsored by Glasgow Churches Together and by the music committee of the Archdiocese of Glasgow. We welcome contributions gladly and are particularly keen on promoting material from schools as we  continue to develop our service to the community.Shortly we will celebrate two years of providing Morning Prayers, School Morning Prayers, Evening and Night Prayers, prayers for those who mourn, prayers for peace, and a steady flow of news from such as the Scottish Catholic Observer, Life and Work, Sciaf, Open House, Flourish, Mary’s Meals, Vocation Justice, Justice and Peace Scotland, the Comboni Mission magazine, the Focolari, ‘The Light of the North,’ and others . . . .

Morning Prayer for parishes is at 8.00 daily and
Morning Prayer for Schools is at 8.15.
Any time left over until 8.30 is filled with short reflections or  music.

The 30 minutes Morning Prayer section is repeated every half hour until noon.
How Blest are Those: At Noon there is a short service for people praying for their dead.  This is repeated at 6.00 p.m.
Evening Hour at 8 p.m. Evening Prayer, followed by a short Magazine with news and reviews until 8.50 p.m. when we have a Night Prayer.
This hour long program is repeated from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. christian  can be accessed

If you have a contribution to make then please get in touch through the website.

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